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19th March 2011

It's simple and fun!
It's for free!
It's a must-have!

Have a look at the new iPhone app by Karl Bartos and Masayuki Akamatsu.

Become a composer easily: put your ideas in this musical notebook with the four basic soundwaves on up to four different Karl Bartos drumloops (on/off) – compose and edit ”on the fly”– listen and change again. Ready is your own piece of electronic music.

See film below at "visit webside"
Karl Bartos and media artist Masayuki Akamatsu create a 16 steps music sequencer which is simple and fun. The executive producer is Jean-Marc Lederman who belongs to the AudioVision team since 2010.

The Mini Composer

The app include four different drumbeats to which you can compose your own melody:
– ”Apeman”: 128 bpm / sine wave
– ”Clock”: 92 bpm / triangle
– ”Interview”: 116 bpm / sawtooth
– ”TV”: 100 bpm / square

You can work easily with the following functions:

– 16 steps sequencer
– Start/stop sequence
– Multi-touch note input/erease
– 4 waves (saw, triangular, square, sine)
– 4 drumbeat loops
– Drums on/off
– Random notes
– Clear notes
– Additional information

Just try it!

The Creators

For his first app project Karl Bartos has found two congenial collaborators who combine technical know how with pure passion for electronic sounds and beats.
Masayuki Akamatsu works as a media producer in Ogaki/Japan. Since the 1980’s he made use of the computer to create works not only in the field of music, but also in the field of video arts and networking, focusing on the relation between an artwork and the audience and the autonomy of an artwork itself.
Recently, Akamatsu’s research is concerning the expression of mobile devices and their personal and social influence. He has produced over 30 iPhone applications and published them at the App Store. His mobile artworks include: “Sekai Camera” (2008-, Tonchidot), which realizes a social AR system, “Snowflakes” (2008-) and “Okeanos Buoys” (2010), which project audio-visual experiences over dozens of iPhones.
Born in Hyogo, Japan, in 1961, Masayuki Akamatsu became a professor at the same university from 2002. Akamatsu received the degree of Ph.D at the Graduate School of Art of the Kyoto University of Arts in 2006.

To electronic music fans Jean-Marc Lederman is a household name for long: Jean-Marc worked for five years as a office manager of Belgium's Front 242 and as a musician for Fad Gadget, Gene Loves Jezebel and The Weathermen. Nowadays he's pretty busy producing with La Femme Verte , Ghost&Writer and composing music for videogames. Since 2010 Jean-Marc belongs to the AudioVision team as an agent.

Think Japan!

This app is totally free of charge. But we would be very glad if you consider a donation to lend a helping hand to Japan. Please make use of a link button to the Red Cross site.

Please enjoy the music and think Japan!


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