1970 - 1976 Studies at the Rhineland State Conservatory of Music, Robert Schumann Institute, in Düsseldorf (main subject: percussion); advanced performer´s degree in percussion
1975 - 1991 Member and songwriter of the German electronic band KW from Düsseldorf; various record releases and tours:
1975 “Autobahn” - USA- and Europe- tour
  “Radio-Activity” - album
1977 “Trans Europe Express” - album
1978 “The Man Machine” - album
1976 - 1978 Various tours in Europe
1981 “Computer World” - album and world tour
1984 “Tour de France” - maxi-single
1986 “Electric Cafe” - album
1990 Italy tour
1991 “The Mix”
Foundation of the solo-project ELECTRIC MUSIC
Remix: “Planet Rock”, Africa Bambaataa/Tommy Boy (USA)
Coverversion: “Baby Come Back”, The Equals, which was the only German production on the NME-Sample “RubyTrax” (GB).
Producer of “What Would I Be Without IBM” + “To Be Free”, for the album “Peace And Love Inc”, Information Society/ Warner Bros.(USA)
Single: “Crosstalk”, Electric Music/SPV (D)
Single: “TV”, “Television” and “TV2” , Electric Music/SPV (D)
Album: “Esperanto”, ElectricMusic/SPV (D), East West (GB)
Single: “Lifestyle”, Electric Music/SPV (D)
1994 “Virtual Summer Tour” - Scandinavia (Copenhagen, Lund, Stockholm, Arvika-Festival)
1994 - 1995
Raise the pressure
Working in Manchester with the British band Electronic (Bernard Sumner - New Order, Johnny Marr - ex-The Smiths), Songwriting 9 tracks on their album “Raise The Pressure” (EMI, release: 1996)
1995 Foreword to the illustrated book of Martin Pesch and Markus Weisbeck “Techno Style - Musik, Grafik, Mode und Partykultur der Techno-Bewegung”

(Techno Style - music, grafics, fashion and party culture of the techno scene) published by Edition Olms, Zürich
OMD Universal
Songwriting: "The Moon and the Sun" + "Mathew Street" for the album “Universal”, OMD/Virgin (GB)
1997 Remix: “Coma”, Superior/Virgin (GB)
Electric Music
Call on me
Producing/songwriting: Album “The Mobile Homes”, The Mobile Homes/SPV (D), Arcade (S)
Single: “You Make The Sunshine”, The MobileHomes/ SPV (D) + Arcade (S) - this track has been used as commercial by the Swedish Airline SAS
Single: “Sunshine”, Electric Music/SPV (D)
Album: “Electric Music”, Electric Music/SPV
Single: “Call On Me”, Electric Music/SPV (D)
Coverversion: “Tour de France” for the so called sampler of Warner Special Marketing
Remix: “Little Computer People”, Anthony Rother/Alphabet City - release: spring 2000
1999 Remix: “Return”, Deine Lakaien/Columbia (D)
  Release of the single “The Young Urban Professional” and the album “Electric Music” in GB (Jammin) and Japan (Nippon Crown) Producer/songwriter of the album “Love & Violence” of the German artist “Flatz”/Sony (D) - release: summer 2000
  DJ-performance at the “Kickzone”-Festival at swimming stadion Müngersdorf, Cologne during the PopKomm ´99
15 minutes of fame
AudioVision live - club tour and festivals
Single: “15 Minutes of Fame”, Orbit/Virgin
2001 AudioVision live - Scandinavian-club-tour
2002 Production of new material
First presentation of Karl Bartos´ new material at the Magical Maydaze Festival - Miami (USA) 
Vinyl-single: “I´m The Message” (Home Rec./Sony) Distribution: Kompakt
Release of the Karl Bartos album “Communication”(SONY-Music) in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada
Showcase of the new album at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), London
AudioVision live - concerts in the UK, Greece, Germany
2004 In 2004 he co-founded the master program “Sound Studies – Acoustic Communication” at the Berlin University of the Arts where he was a visiting professor teaching Auditory Media Design until 2009.
Camera obscura
Single: “Camera Obscura”. This first release on Karl Bartos´ label AudioVision is related to the track “The Camera”, taken from 2003’s critically acclaimed album “Communication” 
2006 Soundtrack: “Moebius Redux - A Life in Pictures” starring the French painter Jean “Moebius” Giraud. The film has been released on January 30th, 2007 in Berlin 
2007 - 2012 Audiovision Live – worldwide concerts
Off the record
Single: "Atomium" is the first single taken from the forthcoming album "Off the Record" (Bureau B/Indigo)

Album: "Off the Record" – worldwide release

Press screening in Robert Morat Galerie / Hamburg & Rough Trade East / London

Premiere of the new audio-visual live show at Brussels Summer Festival
Off the record Tour 2014
January: "Off the Record"-Tour
November: Exclusive Live Shows - DASA/Dortmund, Berghain/Berlin, Haus Leipzig/Leipzig
November: Exclusive Live Shows - DASA/Dortmund, Berghain/Berlin, Haus Leipzig/Leipzig
Communication 2016
Re-release Album „Communication“ mit Bonus Track „Camera Obscura“
Life 7“ „Life“
Dr. Rockit Mix 12“ Matthew Herbert’s Dr. Rockit Mix „I’m the Message“